Welcome to Sassy Walnut's Freebie Lounge!

Hello! This is my first real attempt at blogging. I had to figure out where exactly I fit into the whole blogger world. I'll admit that I sometimes ramble and always have a great story to tell, but let's be honest. How many people want to go cross-eyed trying to follow my thoughts? Chances are... there aren't many! HAHA!

Well, I hope you enjoy this blog. My friend, Lisa, has re-awakened my obsession with finding freebies and samples. I'm not a huge fan of those printable coupons. That's mostly because I don't feel like using ink. I love getting mail... real mail, and not that junk asking me to pay my bills kind of mail, either. Bear with me while I learn how to organize and tag everything. I think you will really learn to love this little place.


Sassy Walnut

Health and Hygiene

Free Doctor Oz "Just 10" Bracelet
You can get your free bracelet by clicking here.
However, you can actually join the challenge to lose "Just 10" pounds by clicking here
 and going to Doctor Oz's webpage.

Free Jergen's Overnight Repair
Lotion samples are one of my favorite types of freebies. They're small enough for travel, convenient to have around, and last way longer than one use. With the cold nights coming up, who couldn't use this? Plus you get a free coupon for $1.00 off a future purchase. Sign up here.

Free Crest Toothpaste Sample

Take a short poll and get this freebie from Walmart. It appears to still be up and running, so hurry while supplies last.

Free Emergen-C Tablets
Emergen-C is giving away some samples of their product. Its the season of feeling like crap, so why not have a little bit of a back up plan? Scoop up your freebie here.

Free Vaseline Intensive Rescue Sample
Snag a sample of Vaseline Intensive Rescue from Uniliver. Click here to get it!
Send a free box of Kleenex to a friend. It even have a special design made exclusively for this offer. Of course, you could cheat and keep it for yourself, but its always nice to give a little bit. Hey, you could even get them to send YOU one as a trade.

Free Breathe-Right Strips Sample

I've have been wanting to try these babies for the LONGEST time. I seriously got the cheesiest grin on my face when I stumbled across this freebie.

Free Lanacane Anti-Chaffing Ointment
I decided I would try this once again. Last time, the site had so many problems. It seems to be working just fine now! Take a short survey, and this freebie is your's!

Free Sample of Ester-C Gummies
Ester-C® is now available in natural orange flavored gummies. They’re delicious and fast acting, and each serving provides 500mg of Ester-C®. Grab a sample while supplies last!

Free Crest Whitestrips and Mouthwash
HOLY SMOKES! I had to do a double take with this one! Free whitestrips AND mouthwash! Thanks to P&G for giving us this awesome freebie sample!

Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner Sample
Have I told you how much I love samples?
Choose one type of conditioner. Get your free sample here.