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Well, I hope you enjoy this blog. My friend, Lisa, has re-awakened my obsession with finding freebies and samples. I'm not a huge fan of those printable coupons. That's mostly because I don't feel like using ink. I love getting mail... real mail, and not that junk asking me to pay my bills kind of mail, either. Bear with me while I learn how to organize and tag everything. I think you will really learn to love this little place.


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Monday, January 24, 2011

Tricks of the Trade (Freebie Hints) Posted on VT Freebie Girl's Blog

VT Freebie Girl: Tricks of the Trade: "

Tricks of the Trade

1)Never give your credit card info to get a free sample...Never Ever (RueLaLa, TheFoundary, and Gilt are okay)

2) If you have a MP3 player or read Ebooks. Go to Amazon.com, type in free in the search engine, click on book, music or mp3 player on the left side of the screen, then on the right side of screen there is a drop down bar that says relevance, click that and change it to price low to high. It will show everything that is free and you can choose what you want from there :)

3) If you or someone you know is in the military, ask places you go if they offer military discounts (it's usually 10%) with a valid military I.D. Some movie thearters offer it, feed stores, restaurants (taco bell, kfc does in my area) don't be embarrassed to do it, if they offer it you may as well take advantage of it.

4) Zip code trick: If you ever encounter a freebie where it's only available in certain states, do the zip code trick, fill your address in, when it comes to the state put a different one, and then put in YOUR zip code. The post office goes by zip code NOT state.

5)Sears Portraits: If you get a coupon for sears portraits or print one off from their website (The $7.99 ones for a small package), go and get them done but DON'T buy anything else just state that you want what comes with that coupon, no matter how cute they are. When you go pick your pictures up a few weeks later the company will send more then you ordered (like $100 worth) and ask if you want to buy them for $25.
In the end you will pay about $35 for $150 + worth of pictures.
She also has a fancy little tip for Sam's Club freebies. If they ask for a member number, just type 01, then fill the box with random numbers. Its worked for me every time!

AND of course she's got one for Costco's. If you don't have a membership number, just enter 12 random numbers. TAKE NOTE: The first two numbers should be low.
I wish she had a little button I could place on here. She's one of my Freebie Blog Idols :-D


  1. LOL thank you for the compliment <3

  2. Here's my button if you'd like it :)

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